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Broker Administration - 24 Credit Hour Course

(12 elective CE credit hours awarded)

Want to become an Employing Broker or own a brokerage firm?  This course is required by the State of Colorado to upgrade your Associate Broker license to Employing Broker status.  This FULLY ONLINE streaming video course will give you the vital skills you need to start, own or manage a real estate brokerage firm.  This course is a practical step-by-step how-to instruction guide. 

This 24 credit hour course satisfies the full educational requirements to upgrade your license to Employing Broker Status.  As a bonus, this course gives the student 12 hours of elective CE credits. 

Please note:  Students must still complete three Annual Update Courses to meet the full CE educational requirement for renewing a real estate license.

Take up to 6 months to complete the course.

Who Must Take This Course:

Any licensee who has held an active broker level license for at least two years and wants to obtain an Employing Broker designation.

Broker Administration Course Outline 

BA1 - Starting a Real Estate Brokerage

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Are you ready to take on the challenge of starting or managing a real estate brokerage firm? This class will explore the key questions you must ask yourself to ascertain if this is the career path for you. It will also address; the challenges an Employing Broker faces, the advantage and disadvantages of buying a franchise vs. starting from scratch vs. buying an existing firm and the different types of brokerages available.

BA2 - Structuring Your Business

CLASS DESCRIPTION: You've decided to create a brokerage. What do you do now? This class will explore those first legal baby-steps including; choosing a legal entity, (sole proprietor or incorporate), selecting and protecting your names (yes, you need more than one name) and building your legal and financial team.

BA3 - Structuring Your Organization

CLASS DESCRIPTION: The human element. Employees (your staff) and Independent Contrators (your agents) are two separate animals in the eyes of the law and the IRS. Failing to understand these laws and differences could have grave consequences. This class will also cover the advantages and disadvantages of different types of commmission plans and developing the Office Policy Manual as required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. 

BA4 - Structuring Your Brokerage Systems

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Getting an office, phones, computers, showing systems, software, furniture, copiers, networks - the list of items to support your business seems endless. This class will address what you really need, perhaps more importantly what you do not need and what you should be paying.

BA5 - Structuring Your Finances

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Money, Money, Money. A topic so important it has its own class. This class will discuss sources of funds for your new venture, concrete strategies to increase your profitability and a simplified method for creating a financial plan and projecting income.

BA6 - Recordkeeping and Trust Accounting

BA7 - Colorado Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations

Materials Provided: No materials are necessary

Testing: There is a short test at the end of the course.

Instructor Photo

Instructor - Jon Farnlof

Jon Farnlof founder of Colorado Real Estate School has more than twenty years experience in the real estate industry and over thirty years as an educator. He has been a successful real estate broker, Director of Pre-license Education with Coldwell-Banker, a managing broker with a large Re/Max affiliate and founder of a fast growing property management company. He is active on volunteer committees and taskforces with the Colorado Division of Real Estate, a member of The Real Estate Educators Association and the Colorado Association of Realtors.

Broker Administration Course (Approval # 7268)
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